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Crystal Essence Deodorants

This is a big month here at Beauty Universe, because we’re introducing a new product to our already robust inventory of beauty and personal care products. And, we couldn’t be happier about this new product, which will make a perfect addition to our extensive offering of natural products that help you both look good and feel good. So what is this amazing new product? So glad you asked! We’re excited to announce the addition of Crystal Body Deodorant, a roll-on crystal deodorant that’s both effective and safe. Read on to learn more about this innovative product and how it can benefit you.

Crystal natural deodorant has a more than 30-year history, originating when CEO and Founder Jerry Rosenblatt was traveling in France in 1984. While there, he learned about a product that was made of natural mineral salts that purified water. He also discovered that these mineral salts had an even more practical everyday use, namely as a deodorant that’s not only potent but also hypoallergenic. It’s a solution many of us have been searching for, especially as a growing number of people become concerned about the possible side effects of some of the most common anti-perspirant ingredients.

Crystal deodorant, unlike many anti-perspirants, doesn’t contain aluminum chlorohydrate, which has been linked by a small number of studies to a number of side effects and medical conditions. The ingredient is approved by the FDA and while it hasn’t been conclusively proven to contribute to some of these harmful effects, many people prefer to avoid it. This is one reason an increasing number of people are opting for natural formulas such as crystal deodorants instead of using commercial anti-perspirants.

Rosenblatt saw the potential of the mineral salts, getting together a small group of people, including family and friends, to prepare each stone by hand, and named the new product Le Crystal Naturel. He quickly started selling his product to high-profile stores, eventually introducing several versions of the deodorant. Now this line comes to Beauty Universe, as the perfect complement to our extensive inventory of natural personal care product and proof that beauty and personal care products don’t have to contain chemicals or harsh ingredients to be effective.

At Beauty Universe, we carry a large selection of natural beauty and personal care products that are both safe and effective. Browse our entire inventory today and create a beauty routine that’s specifically suited to your needs.

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