How to Maintain Your Skin’s Glow During the Winter


How to Maintain Your Skin’s Glow During the Winter

The wind and chill of winter can do a number on your skin. It may start to look and feel dry and dull, and even with plenty of moisturizing you may have trouble restoring its natural glow. However, the frigid winter weather doesn’t have to damage your skin or cause it to lose its luster. Instead, with a few simple changes to your skincare routine, you can have radiant, glowing skin all year long. The following tips will show you how.

Exfoliate Regularly

Your skin cells aren’t replaced as frequently when the weather is cold, which can cause dead skin cells to build up and make your skin look dull. That’s why regular exfoliation is more important than ever when the temperatures plummet. Use a mask once a week — a mud or clay mask is ideal for most skin types. For more intensive exfoliation, use an exfoliating peel. This not only clears away dead skin, it also helps moisturizers penetrate the skin better, boosting your skin’s moisture so it can glow. Mill Creek Botanicals Wild Oats Scrub exfoliates skin naturally with honey, comfrey, vitamin E and oats and also helps remove dead skin cells and black heads.

Skip the Long Shower

In winter more than any other time of the year, you probably look forward to soaking in a nice long, hot shower after braving the cold all day. However, this can dry out your skin and deplete it of its natural protective oils. Spend no more than 5 minutes in the shower, and then generously apply a moisturizing lotion immediately after you dry off. Mill Creek Botanicals offers a line of natural and organic lotions in Eucalyptus & Sage, Lavender, Aloe Vera and Unscented. Also, try using warm water in the shower instead of hot.

Soften While You Sleep

While you may think about how the cold affects your facial skin, it’s important to nourish and hydrate the rest of your skin as well. Apply deep moisturizing creams to your skin before you go to bed to help your skin retain moisture, and then wake up to smooth, supple skin that lasts all day.

At Beauty Universe, we have everything you need to keep your skin soft, smooth and radiant all year long — even when the temperatures plummet. Take a look at our complete selection of moisturizers, lotions and other skincare products that can protect and nourish your skin during the harsh winter weather.