Know Your Hair Type

You may know that skin comes in a wide range of types, from oily to dry, but did you know your hair is the same way? While some people have very oily hair, others have hair that is naturally very dry. Your hair type determines not only what kind of products will work best for you, but also what kind of styles you can wear. Your hair texture also plays a role in this. People with fine hair, for example, have very different haircare needs than those with coarse hair. Read on to learn more about the different types of hair and how you should care for yours.

Oily vs. Dry Hair

People with oily scalps typically find that their hair gets oily and dirty very quickly and must be washed at least once a day. They may have difficulty finding shampoos that thoroughly clean their hair, as well as styling products that keep their hair from falling flat. If you have oily hair, avoid shampoos that say they are moisturizing or hydrating, as they can add too much moisture and exacerbate the problem. Instead, opt for a clarifying shampoo or one that’s volumizing. If you have a dry scalp, your scalp may flake and be dry and itchy, and your hair may frequently look dull. Use haircare products that are hydrating or moisturizing, as they can relieve some of the itching, flaking and dryness. Products containing tea tree oil can also provide much-needed moisture to dry scalps. 

Importance of Hair Texture

It’s also important to identify and understand your natural hair texture. Fine, straight hair, for example, tends to very shiny and soft, may also be oily and may not hold a curl well. It may also be more prone to damage than other textures. Straight, coarse hair can also be difficult to curl and is typically incredibly flat and straight with no curves or waves to it. Hair that’s wavy and coarse, on the other hand, typically has a wavy appearance but it also difficult to style and may in fact be resistant to many forms of styling, making it difficult to do anything with it except let it stay loose and natural.

At Beauty Universe, we carry haircare products for every type of hair, so you can rest assured that your hair will look healthy, shiny and radiant no matter what type you have. Plus, by using the product that’s right for you, you can make styling and maintaining your hair much easier. Browse our entire selection of haircare products today to create your own customized haircare routine.