Welcome All Cougars!

These days, many forty-year-old women are often mistaken for twenty-five-year-olds. Men in their twenties are hitting on them and sometimes those women take them up on it. Why not? Some of our most glamorous customers are in their forties. Listen, we have plenty of proud cougars whom we say, “Good for you!” Men have been getting away with it for years.

Now let’s get to the tough stuff. Wrinkles, age spots, and loss of elasticity are the biggest complaints of women in their 40s. Suddenly sun exposure from your teens and twenties is coming back to haunt you! Wrinkles may seem a bit more pronounced and your #skin becomes more dehydrated. Then there’s a problem of the skin becoming a little loser and your pores seem more visible.

Don’t fret-these next recipes will do wonders for the forty-something crowd! First, let’s tackle those ever-troubling patches of pigmentation. Here is a list of ways to combat brown spots and freckles:

1. Lemon juice on freckles or age spots acts as a bleach. Apply nightly.

2. Alternate using olive oil and vitamin E after putting on lemon juice.

3. Onions don’t just make you cry; they are also ideal for fading spots. Slice a red onion in half and rub on the area once a day.

4. Apply sour cream to clean skin and leave it on for fifteen minutes. Do this daily.