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Springtime Skincare: Exfoliate Dull Winter Skin to Uncover a More Vibrant You

Winter can really do a number on your skin. Every time you step outside, you’re hit with a blast of cold air that can dry skin and even make it raw and chapped, and indoors you likely spend time in dry heat thanks to a heating system turned way up to fight off the winter chill. This is also drying and can deplete your skin of its natural moisture and protective oils. Plus, during the winter dead skin cells tend to pile up, leaving your skin looking flaky, patchy and discolored.

Caring for combination skin can be a headache. With both oily and dry skin to consider, it can be difficult to find products that address both of these needs and don’t aggravate either of these conditions. However, with a little balance you can create a skincare regimen that alleviates both the excess oil and the dryness, and gives you a smooth, radiant complexion. The following tips will help you make the most of your skin and bring out its natural beauty.