Gentle Baby Care Products

It’s always important to be gentle on your skin, but when caring for your baby’s skin, gentle products are essential. A baby’s skin is delicate, meaning synthetic ingredients or harsh chemicals can irritate it. Plus, because a baby’s system is still developing, you likely want to avoid synthetic ingredients like additives and preservatives. Fortunately, Beauty Universe offers a complete line of baby care products, including Mill Creek Baby, which is designed to be clean and natural to protect baby’s skin and body. The following tips will help you keep your baby’s skin clean, nourished and protected.

Go Easy on Baby’s Skin

Sometimes less is more when caring for a baby’s fragile skin. For example, you probably only need to do a full bath twice a week, and can stick to sponge baths the rest of the time. Also, avoid harsh soaps and opt for a gentle, moisturizing cleanser instead, such as Mill Creek Botanicals Baby Wash with Witch Hazel. It is extra mild, great for bubble baths. Mill Creek Baby Wash contains gentle herbs that cleanse and soothe, leaving your baby smelling fresh and feeling clean.

Mill Creek Baby Conditioning Shampoo is infused with Witch Hazel to sooth your baby’s scalp. Other herbs naturally cleanse and condition your baby’s hair.

Protect the Skin

Never take your baby out without applying sunscreen. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15. For babies younger than 6 months, apply sunscreen only to areas you can’t cover with clothing. This includes the face and the hands. Also, use hats, sunglasses, and clothing that covers the body (such as pants and long sleeves) and that’s tightly woven for maximum protection against the sun’s rays.

Moisturize Frequently

We’re often reminded that older skin needs additional hydration and moisture, but a baby’s skin also needs to be moisturized. Use fragrance-free creams and ointments after the baby’s bath to lock in moisture and guard against dry skin. Also, moisturize your baby’s skin extra frequently during the winter to protect against the elements and keep baby’s skin soft and hydrated. Mill Creek Botanicals knows your baby’s delicate skin needs relief! Mill Creek Baby calendula Cream with Witch hazel is extra gentle and will relieve anything from dry skin to diaper rash. It is also perfect for cradle cap, cuts and scratches. Calendula and Witch hazel are nature’s miracle healers.

At Beauty Universe, we have everything you need to care for baby’s delicate skin. Check out our Mill Creek Baby line of products, which includes shampoo, lotion and baby wash.