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How clay and mud masks benefit your skin

Clay and mud masks have been used for centuries to remove impurities from the skin and leave it looking clearer and healthier. These simple formulas can help unclog pores, control oil and improve skin’s overall appearance. Because clay and mud masks don’t clog your pores themselves, they’re a good solution for drawing out anything unwanted and improving skin’s overall texture and tone. Read on to learn more about the benefits of clay and mud masks.

Our skin faces a barrage of dirt, oil and other debris every day. These invaders can seep into pores, clogging them and possibly causing pimples and several other unsightly skin problems. If you wear makeup every day, even if you wash it off thoroughly, some can still go into your pores. The same goes for your skin’s natural oils and environmental contaminants. Clay and mud masks go deep into the skin to remove these contaminants, and regular use can help keep acne and oil under control, as well as enhancing skin’s appearance.

Mud and clay masks work by drawing impurities and toxins from deep underneath the skin to the skin’s surface. Then, when you rinse off the mask you rinse away all of these impurities that can lead to acne and other skin problems. In fact, regular use of a mask can help prevent acne, At Beauty Universe, we carry everything you need to keep your skin looking glowing and vibrant. Check out our entire inventory today, and create a skin care regimen tailored to your skin care needs.

because it removes oil and impurities before they can cause blemishes. Clay and mud masks are also powerful exfoliants that can remove dead skin cells to uncover clearer, healthier looking skin. In many cases they also help tighten pores and skin to give your face a fresher, smoother appearance.

There are actually several types of clay and mud masks. Bentonite is one of the most popular, and is often used in formulas designed for oily and acne-prone skin. It helps tighten skin and also draws out impurities, including bacteria, to promote clear skin. Fuller’s earth is also ideal for removing impurities, and also acts as a moderate skin whitener, making it ideal for hyperpigmentation and evening out skin tone. Kaolin clay is often used to soften skin, and is gentler than other types of mask, making it perfect for people with delicate or sensitive skin. French green clay helps boost circulation, in addition to absorbing oil, tightening pores and exfoliating skin.