Top 3 Winter Skincare Tips

Brrr! Winter is upon us, and though a snowy landscape can be breathtaking, the frigid winter temperatures can take a toll on our skin, hair and bodies. That’s why it’s important to be extra gentle with your skin and protect it from winter-related damage. Plus, even though you may be covered up from head-to-toe, that’s no reason to scrimp on your skincare routine. Sure, during the sultry summer months you’re extra conscious of how your body looks, but even during winter skincare is a matter not just of looking good, but also maintaining your skin’s health and feeling great. The following tips will keep you looking and feeling good even when it’s chilly outside.

Protect Your Skin

Sure, you can apply lip balm when your lips get chapped, or slather on the high-intensity moisture repair cream when your skin dries out from the cold, dry temperatures, but isn’t it easier to prevent this damage than try to fix it. During the winter, focus on creating a protective barrier between your skin and the elements. Use a moisturizer daily and apply lotion to your body to keep it smooth and supple. Mill Creek Botanicals Aloe Vera and Paba Moisturizing Lotion contains nutrients that nourish skin, replenish moisture, encourage smoothness and suppleness, and soothe minor skin irritations from shaving, detergent rash, and dry cracked skin.

Be Gentle on Your Body

Avoid harsh cleansers that can dry out your skin and strip it of its natural protective oils, and opt for gentle and moisturizing cleansers instead. You may also want to avoid anti-bacterial cleansers and soaps, as they can also strip your skin of its natural protection and moisture, and make you more vulnerable to dryness and chapping. The DuBarry line offers a number of cleansers for normal to dry skin which are perfect for cold winter months. These moisture-rich cleansers will not only clean but soften your skin. For the fans of natural and organic skincare, Amazon Botanicals Facial Cleanser will purify and comfort your skin with Jatoba, a botanical from the Amazon Rainforest.

Layer Your Skincare Products

During the summer, you often want to keep your skincare regimen as simple as possible, because using multiple products can make you feel hot and uncomfortable. During cold weather, however, a multi-step process can protect your skin and keep it smooth and silky. For example, for your face you might want to apply the Amazon Botanicals Anti-Aging Serum first to make your skin feel silky smooth and then finish up with the Amazon Botanicals Day Moisturizer or the Amazon Botanicals Night Cream to preserve your skin and revitalize it with Samabaia, an anti-oxidant fern indigenous to the Amazon Rainforest.

At Beauty Universe, find everything you need to soothe, nourish and protect your skin, hair and body during the harsh winter months. Choose from a wide selection of moisturizers, nourishing shampoos and other products that can ensure your skin and hair stay beautiful no matter how frigid the temperatures get.