Benefits of Oil Free Products

Keeping your skin smooth, supple, and hydrated is crucial for making it look younger, healthier and more vibrant, but some skin care products can coat your skin and make it feel greasy or sticky. This is especially true for products that contain oil, an ingredient that can make even normal skin look shiny but that’s often way too heavy for oily skin. Oil-free products, on the other hand, nourish and renew your skin without clogging pores, causing breakouts or making your skin look shiny or greasy. Read on to learn more about the benefits of oil-free products.

For starters, some oil-based products don’t absorb into the skin well, and can coat skin or simply sit on top of it and make it look greasy and shiny, while also potentially collecting bacteria. Oil-free products, on the other hand, typically absorb quickly while also providing intensive hydration.

Plus, oil-free products are ideal for most skin types, including sensitive, normal, oily and combination. While very dry skin may require an oil-based product for moisturization, other skin types often benefit from oil-free, water-based products that hydrate skin and keep it looking smooth and supple. Oily skin in particular needs a lightweight, water-based product to prevent acne and other skin problems. The same holds true for people with oily hair. Oil-based hair products can actually exacerbate the problem and weigh hair down and make it greasy and difficult to style.

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Plus, many more! So, take a look at all of our oil-free products here at Beauty Universe and find the ones that suit your beauty needs so you can look and feel amazing without subjecting your skin and hair to oil-based products that can weigh your hair down or cause breakouts and other skin problems.