How to Care for Grey Hair

Grey hair may be a natural byproduct of aging, but it can still be gorgeous. In fact, with the proper care grey hair can be soft, lustrous and even glamorous. To keep your hair looking and feeling beautiful, you may need to change your haircare routine slightly, but if you do, you may end up with locks that wow everyone you see. The following tips will keep your hair shiny and full for years to come.

Be Gentle on Your Hair

Greying hair requires a little TLC to keep it healthy and looking lustrous. When hair starts to grey, this change affects not just its color but also its structure. The protective cuticle covering hair becomes thinner, sometimes making hair coarser and more vulnerable to breakage. To counteract this, use a moisturizing shampoo. Also, choose hair products designed for grey hair. You might also want to use a gloss or glaze once a month to coat and protect the hair and restore its natural shine.

Style Your Hair the Right Way

You may need to style your hair differently once it starts to turn grey. You may want to skip washing it every day, which can dry out your hair. Instead, consider using an oil absorber between washes. These products keep your hair from getting oily, but won’t make it dry or strip it of moisture or its natural protective oils. Also, opt for straight styles instead of curly or wavy. Because grey hair absorbs light, it can end up looking dull. Keeping it straight, however, provide more surface area for reflecting light, which in turn makes your hair appear shinier and more vibrant.

Choose Hair Products Designed Just for Grey Hair

While you can still use products designed for all hair types, opting for products intended for grey hair will make it look its best. At Beauty Universe, we carry the Silver Fox line of haircare products, which is specifically designed for people with grey, blonde or bleached hair. Silver Fox Hair line will not only nourish and protect your grey hair, but will also bring out its natural beauty. Silver Fox shampoos and conditioners help prevent the brassiness and yellowing that can occur when you use products not intended for grey hair. Plus, they’re gentle on your hair and can help make it softer, fuller and more manageable.

Keep your tresses looking their best with our large selection of hair care products at Beauty Universe. Our products are designed to nourish your hair gently and naturally, so you look as good as you feel.