What Does Organic Mean?

Just a few years ago, most of the cosmetics and skincare products you bought at the drugstore likely consisted of a high percentage of synthetic ingredients and chemicals. Some of these ingredients give the products their color, while others might be used to create a specific fragrance. However, in recent years many consumers have begun to focus on using organic products as often as possible, a choice that can benefit both their skin and the planet. But what, exactly, does organic mean when used in reference to makeup, skincare and personal care products? Read on for a detailed explanation and to learn more about the benefits of organic products.

In the past, there was some confusion about what the label organic meant, because not everyone used the same definition. However, the USDA does have a very clear and specific definition for what kinds of foods can be labeled organic, and many manufacturers of cosmetics and personal care products use this same definition. In fact, if you see the USDA certified organic logo on your favorite shampoo, lip balm or eyeshadow, you can rest assured that the product meets the USDA’s stringent guidelines. These regulations include that no fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified ingredients were used. This must be true for almost 100 percent of the ingredients in the product for it to quality as a certified organic product.

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