Since its inception in 1991, two factors have set Silver Fox apart from its competitors: a time-tested and proven gray haircare formula, and its strong and loyal customer base. Once customers discover Silver Fox, they often continue to use our products for years and decades to come! Our patented and natural formula helps maintain the beauty of gray, white and silver hair, removing those undesirable yellow or brassy tones, without using costly and harsh hair dyes.


  •  Hydrates your strands and removes harsh yellow and brassy tones
  •  Boosts body and fullness, increasing tensile strength and preventing breakage and split ends
  •  Restores hair’s youthful elasticity and revitalizes dull and tired strands
  •  All-natural formula, enriched with Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A) and double amounts of Panthenol (Vitamin B)


I have been using Silver Fox shampoo and conditioner for the last 10 years and absolutely LOVE it! If I used to get my highlights done every 7 weeks before, now I go to my hairdresser only once in 12 weeks. The purple shampoo stops yellowing and brassiness and hides my roots in between my trips to the salon. It is FANTASTIC! I cannot imagine using something different than Silver Fox shampoo for my blonde hair. –Katia P.,Las Vegas

Fifteen years ago at National health food show, this gentlemen stopped by my booth and of all things to say, he said that I have a good head of grey hair. But, you have a yellow streak in it . He introduced himself as the President of U.S. Int’l Trading Corp. Panch Prasad. After talking with him about the shampoo that I had been using . He gave me a few samples of his product called Silver Fox (great name) Extra Body Shampoo—told me to use it for a week,and then call him(he sounded like my mother ,call me or else). After using the product for a couple of days,I noticed a renewed luster shine and body, taking effect. As of today,2015.I still use the product and am so totally satisfied, that I always recommend it to my friends & family.–Bob S., New York

I am very pleased with the results that Silver Fox provides. I have receive many compliments about how I look and my hair in particular. People ask me what’s changed, I simply say the product I use. When you age and your remaining hair is “silver,” it’s time to use the product that enhances that look. Don’t color, just do the fox!–Patrick M., Las Vegas