Benefits of Using Natural Deodorants

Many of us couldn’t imagine leaving the house without antiperspirant every day, especially now when the temperature is rising and many of us are more physically active. However, while antiperspirant can be quite effective in controlling sweat and odor, you may not need something that powerful. In fact, there are a few drawbacks to using antiperspirant that have prompted many people to turn to natural alternatives instead. Read on to learn more about the benefits of natural deodorants and if they’re right for you.

Many antiperspirant brands contain aluminum compounds that close or clog pores to prevent sweating. While this may keep you dry, it can also trap sweat underneath the skin and behind the sweat ducts, which can cause inflammation. It can also cause odor, because of the bacteria trapped underneath the skin. In addition, because the aluminum compounds are so acidic, they can leave behind yellow stains on your clothing. Another major concern is that antiperspirant contains chemicals that can be absorbed into the skin, and that these ingredients may contribute to everything from infertility to Alzheimer’s to cancer.

Natural deodorants, on the other hand, don’t contain these synthetic ingredients, so there’s less chance of irritation and other side effects related to the chemicals found in antiperspirant. There’s also less risk of them causing skin reactions such as contact dermatitis. Instead of aluminum, natural deodorants use essential oils and ingredients derived from plants to help control sweat-related odor. Plus, natural deodorants don’t contain parabens or artificial fragrances, meaning they’re better for your skin and your health. Another major benefit of natural deodorants? You don’t have to worry about those yellow sweat stains on your clothes, which means your light-colored clothing stays looking nicer longer, and you don’t have to worry about unknowingly showing off those unsightly stains when out in public.

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