Biotene H-24 Natural Shampoo

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Biotene H-24 Natural Shampoo makes your hair thicker & fuller naturally. It is a rich shampoo containing biotinkeratin protein, nucleic acids and cysteine that nourishes hair and scalp and encourages thicker hair with increased body and strength. Thicker Fuller Hair Naturally.

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Biotene H-24 Natural Shampoo makes your hair thicker & fuller naturally. It is a rich shampoo containing biotin, keratin protein, nucleic acids and cysteine that nourishes hair and scalp and encourages thicker hair with increased body and strength.

Thicker Fuller Hair Naturally

Item Size:
8.5 fl. oz./ 250ml

Gentle enough for daily use. Wet hair thoroughly. Apply shampoo to scalp and gently massage into hair to work up a rich lather. Rinse completely. Repeat, if necessary. Your hair and scalp are ready to receive the properties of Biotene H-24 Conditioner Phase II

Deionized Water, Cocamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine, Sodium Cocoyl Methyl Taurate (Coconut Oil Based), Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate (Coconut Oil Derived), Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (Coconut Oil Based),  Panthenol (Provitamin B5), Annatto, Sodium Chloride, Sodium Benzoate, Organic Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice, Potassium Sorbate, Citric Acid, Biotin, Ascorbic Acid, Inositol, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Horsetail Extract, Cysteine HCI Monohydrate, Urtica Dioica (Nettle) Leaf Extract, Salvia Officinalis (Sage) Leaf Extract, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract, Betula Alba Leaf Extract, Achillea Millefolium Extract, Palmitoyl Tripeptide-38, Retinyl Palmitate (Vitamin A), Fragrance.

Certified Organic Ingredients by USDA

pH Balanced, Sulfate Free, Paraben Free, Gluten Free

82 reviews for Biotene H-24 Natural Shampoo

  1. Maria

    My hair is fine and shows oil quickly and needs to be washed every day. I tried this product and the conditioner. Best results I have had in years! My hair is fuller and shinier. And it stays clean for a second day.

  2. Hannah

    I have been using this product for over 1 year and I am completely satisfied with the quality of the product and the help it has provided with hair loss. This is not a miracle hair regrowth serum. What this did for me is stop the hair loss. What I noticed was less hair dropped in the sink each week after I started using the product until I stopped seeing hair in the sink. I am not certain if no strands of hair grew back but I am not seeing several hairs daily in my sink. The shampoo lathers up nice and feels great. I recently started growing a beard and it’s now over 2 inches in length and I wash my beard with this shampoo and it seems to keep the beard shiny and looking great as well. I will continue to make my reorders of this product.

  3. Helen

    I have very fine, thin hair and have tried TONS of different shampoos to make my hair full and sheen- and this is the ONLY one that works for me- my hair has never been so beautiful, full and shiny! You wont be disappointed with this one! And it happens to be natural too- double plus!

  4. Marcus

    ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I’m a 27 year old African American male and recently started to get into health, and taking care of my body. Although a few products have failed to last in terms of longevity, Milk Creek Botanicals Shampoo AND Conditioner has literally changed my hair. It works amazing together on my hair with is curly and its natural. I love this brand.

  5. Katy

    This is a great product. It leaves my hair really clean and soft and it really brings out the fullness. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!

  6. KJ

    I love this shampoo. It is the best that I have ever used. I am African American and I have fine hair. I have never heard of this product until I decided to check out biotin benefits in shampoo. It is the best discovery. I had to use this product more than once before I could give an honest review. After using this and the conditioner my hair was so soft and full and it even softened the new growth that I had. I have never been able to run a comb through my hair never,,,no lie. After using this product I have been able to comb and run my fingers through my hair with no problems. I have great fullness and great body..and I love body. I have experienced less breakage and shedding. My hair is stronger but I still have to moisturize it after blow drying though which is a must anyway for African American hair.

  7. Nikolai

    I love this product, the shampoo and rinse. I’ve not tried the 3rd one. A friend recommended it so I thought I’d give it a try. I was so pleased; I’ve not used anything else since. I did run out one time and had to use another brand. I could sure tell the difference. This product (shampoo and rinse) is so condensed and you need only a small amount; consequently, it’s going to take you a long, long time to get to the bottom. I highly recommend this product and will never switch. You know something is good if you’ve stuck with it for over 25-years!!

  8. Nir A.

    This is my second purchase of this product, and I know I’ll buy it again. This is the ONLY shampoo and conditioner I have ever used that actually changed the texture and thickness of my baby-fine, stick-straight, barely-there hair. If you have hair like mine, biotin is truly the way to go!

  9. Anthony

    My hairs growing faster, although no where near where I’d like it, this shampoo helps and i would recommend to someone to go ahead and give it a try.

  10. Logan

    I got this product after reading several reviews. My scalp was very sensitive and easily irritated. This shampoo feels very gentle, and it has also helped my hair to become fuller. I simply love this product and recommend it to anyone looking to enhance the health of their scalp and hair.

  11. Makayla

    Brought this along with the conditioner for my client who absolutely loves and reccommneds this shampoo to me all the time.

  12. Mona

    I bought this at GNC originallly, but saw this was a much better deal here on Beauty Universe. Plus, I didn’t have to drive to go get it. Great product. Not fussy, just good. I’m allergic to a lot of products, but this one seems fine.

  13. Elen

    Great shampoo. Hopefully, it will help with hair thickness, and it does feel much better than my old shampoo. I am losing hair so I hope this helps.

  14. Aric R.

    Got this for thinning hair a few in my family have used it works well didn’t like the smell reminded me of dish detergent but my understanding is most shampoos with Biotene does have some smell other than that my husband likes it have noticed his hair is thicker and grows fast because he is getting his hair cut more often than before he tried this.

  15. Carter is the only way I can get this great shampoo.

  16. Patty

    I love this shampoo. I have Discoid Lupus which causes red spots on my scalp and hair loss. This product brings relief to the itch and my hair loss seems to be slowed way down!

  17. Natalie

    This is the best shampoo I had ever used in my whole life. After only using it for one day, I noticed the difference! Here are some of my observations.
    Pros: My hair is stronger, thicker, and silkier. I only lose ONE strand of hair each use. My hair looks like the TV advertisements for hair.
    Cons: The smell is very strong. I describe it as a strong Indian spice. Also the forehead of my hair itches for a few times a day.
    Bottom Line: Buy this shampoo if you want your hair to look like what you see on television. Although, I would also recommend buying a good/strong conditioner with it.
    Clarification: The bottle is a bigger than I had expected. I thought 8.5 Fluid ounce would only be enough for 20 uses but it actually can be used maybe 60 times.
    When you buy it: Put small amounts on different sides of your hair. It easily dissolves and does not spread.

  18. Leah

    I tend to do the hot oil treatment using Black Castro Oil, then I wash it out using the Biotene Shampoo, I noticed my hair grew healthier and stronger. My hair smells fresh, but soft and silky feeling. I also had trouble with my edges, so I started shampooing my hair and I notices that my edges grew back healthi

  19. Daniel

    High quality, gentle.

  20. Marc T.

    Looking through all different reviews it seems that every shampoo works very differently on different types of hair. My hair is not too oily fairly short and relatively thick. For my hair this shampoo feels pretty normal nothing bad, but nothing outstanding either.

  21. Kimberly

    I have tried all of them and this is by far the best. hair thinning this product will do a great job helping. this is all I buy now.

  22. Sam

    This shampoo is great for thinning hair. Gives a lot of body that lasts throughout the day. Really happy with it.

  23. Marie

    No miracles, but I like it. It’s VERY thick which is great, and lathers very well, and rinses easily.

  24. Alla

    I am completely pleased with my purchase. It was just what I was looking for. Thank you so very much.

  25. Lilian

    Really does make my hair have more volume. Plus it rinses out nicely.

  26. Grace

    I notice a difference in my hair texture when I use this…. my hair does feel thicker and healthier.

  27. Illaria

    I did not believe for a minute this shampoo would work – but it does! It makes my hair thick, shiny and soft. I love this product!

  28. Sherie

    I read somewhere that hair should be cared for like a fine silk shirt and that is one of the reasons I use this shampoo. It does not strip the moisture from the hair,. Actually, it seems to encourage moisture and silky smoothness. My wife colors her hair and has found that this shampoo allows the tint to last far longer than other shampoos. We are totally sold on this product.

  29. Matthew

    My hair is thinning and I was told from my friend to use this product. So far so good I hope to see the result soon.

  30. Chris

    Love the the smell of the shampoo and together the shampoo & conditioner work well. My hair feels and looks thicker and healthier.

  31. Krissy

    I absolutely love this product. My hair appears healthier..and well as full. I was so impressed I ordered some for a friend who complained of thinning hair..and its helped them out as well. This shampoo is our the only shampoo I’ll use.

  32. Diana

    I really love this shampoo…..thank you

  33. Isabell

    I have had some issues with hair thinning due to some medical issues. Since beginning the Biotene regimine about six months ago, my hair has thickened up tremendously !! Highly recommend !!!

  34. Elizabeth S.

    This product, along with the conditioner, has made my hair shiny and healthier. It has also made my hair grow faster!

  35. Natallie

    Best shampoo I have ever used! It does not make your hair fall out as so many of them do. I highly recommend this shampoo!

  36. Donna

    This is really the review of my teenage son, because I buy this shampoo for him. He thinks this the shampoo for him, he likes the results in combination with the Natural Conditioner. He has thick, very tight dense curls and his hair tends to be dry.

  37. Miriam

    I like this shampoo because it leaves my very fine hair with a bit more body.

  38. Alaina

    This shampoo is gentle enough for daily use and does not leave my hair weighed down…this happens easily due to oily hair…ugh. great stuff..BUY IT

  39. Adam L.

    Been using since got sample in mail from mill Creek many years ago. My all time favorite shampoo and conditioner.

  40. Kaylee

    After reading reviews about this which all were good I felt I must try it for myself. It is very mild and lather ups well. My hair loves it. Will continue to use.

  41. Brooklyn

    good product. made my hair stronger

  42. Darren

    This hair product sells for less on Beauty Universe and is the only shampoo I will use. Great product!

  43. Scarlett

    Leaves hair clean, shiny, and with extra body. Good product

  44. Alexander

    My hair is thicker and better now. This shampoo is great.

  45. Mila

    This shampoo has an old-fashioned smell, but it works well to give your hair volume and strength. Need to use a conditioner afterwards.

  46. Anna

    It takes time, but it works. Biotin is so important for thinning hair and I found this product and have been using it ever since. Nota miracle cure, but it sure does help with time and consistency.

  47. Sebastian M.

    Good product

  48. Penelope

    My hairdresser recommended this product. In fact, she heard about it from one of her other customers. I was able to purchase one bottle from a local “health food” store and loved it. It did a great job of cleaning my hair and scalp and greatly reduced the frizzy condition which had appeared. I was very, very happy to be able to order more bottles of this shampoo through and receive speedy delivery. While this is not an inexpensive product, it is definitely worth the cost.

  49. Viktoria

    Very nice shampoo, I noticed a difference right away, less limp hair days, more body, Fuller, and very clean. Glad I purchased this Shampoo, i will re-purchase.

  50. Sam

    This shampoo makes my hair thicker, shinier and healthier. A little bit goes along way!

  51. Sam

    great shampoo

  52. Dan

    Best shampoo ever!

  53. Mackenzie

    My hair falls out when I use most commonly available shampoos as I am allergic to some ingredients found in most shampoos. But they’re not in this shampoo and I’m no longer going bald.

  54. Hacob

    Best shampoo ever for your hair!

  55. Lucy

    I love this shampoo. My hair has filled in since I began using it about a year ago, but I didn’t have to wait more than a couple of weeks before I notice a difference. I gave bottles to all the women in my family and they love it, too.

  56. Nicole

    My son has been using this shampoo for years and loves it. It has encouraged stronger fuller hair.

  57. Erin

    use it with another shampoo… is one of my favorites

  58. Ted

    I feel my hair thicker and it definitely looks fuller.

  59. Priyanka

    Great product, I been using this for many years.

  60. Samuel

    I really like this shampoo. I have used it for one week now. Because every single wash has gone well and never ends up being too drying, this is my new regular use shampoo. The ingredients in this also are good and not chemicals. I really want my hair to grow longer! So, we shall see if this helps for that also.

  61. Peter

    A few years ago I developed an allergy to sodium laurel sulfates. I have tried at least 10 other shampoos that were SLS free and my face always developed redness, itchiness, hives and eventually sore spots. Since using this shampoo I no longer have the allergy problem when washing my hair (I use a handheld shower head and try not to get my face wet). It also grew faster and stays healthier with this shampoo.

  62. Doris

    I’ve been using this shampoo for over 20 years. It transformed my hair from thin, unhealthy “fly away” hair to healthy hair. Love this and the conditioner. Tried others when my local store stopped carrying it, but just not as good.

  63. Elena

    I use it every day and it does not dry out my hair like some other shampoos that I have used every day. I would buy it again.

  64. Donald

    I have been using this shampoo on my little girls for years now, and their hair is very fine but this keeps it healthy. I am very diappointed with the conditioner, however, because they changed the formula of the conditioner a year or so ago and now it leaves their hair dry. I still love the shampoo, though.

  65. Mafoudia

    Really works!!! Within a week I saw new hair growth (short wisps) on thinning hairline. I love the conditioner too. My hair feels tangle free but with plenty of volume. No greasy roots the next day. Feels and looks healthier and fuller after a month now.

  66. Maya

    Very happy with this product which I have used for many years. I originally searched for a shampoo that might assist with thinning and receding hair. Considering my age and my genes, I think this product may well have helped. I like it and the conditioner that goes with it.

  67. Addison

    I have been using this shampoo for years and I love it

  68. Aiden

    This is the best shampoo I have ever used for my thinning hair. Rinses clean, gives volume, and doesn’t dry my scalp. Love!

  69. Sam

    My hair loves this shampoo!

  70. Ben

    A preferred shampoo. It seems like I have thicker hair since I started using this shampoo.

  71. Sam


  72. Mimi

    I have been suing this shampoo for years and leaves your hair feeling thicker out of the shower.

  73. Valentine I.

    It’s a really good hair product. At first I was a bit mysterious about the fact that this can improve your hair’s with and so on. I got it just to try it since it’s never such a bad idea to try new products specially if their not over $10.00 each. SO I bought this product and it worked great. I notice that my hair actually became a bit healthier, also it left my feeling and looking very clean. Overall, I heard many things about all shampoos been the same except with a few different fragrances and brand names. This one is kind of similar to the rest only it really did leave me satisfy. It’s a good product I do recommend it.

  74. Violet

    I’ve been using this for a couple of weeks and I really like it. My hair looks healthier and fuller. I have thin hair that tends to get greasy and this shampoo doesn’t weight my hair down and doesn’t overdry it either.

  75. Ann C.

    An excellent product which I have used for years.

  76. R. Allen

    I have used this shampoo now for 37 years as I was introduced to it by a college roommate back in the very early 80s. While have always used the shampoo, I have not always used and at this time do not use the conditioner or Emulsion. My hair has always been very very thin and I have had a receding hairline since my teenage years. Surprisingly enough, my hair line has changed very little if at all in the 37 years I have used this product while my 4 year older brother who has the exact same type of hair now has almost no hair in front or on top. I personally like the smell of this shampoo as it lathers up well, rinses out easily without a starchy feeling, and leaves my hair feeling very soft and looking thicker. I would highly recommend this shampoo and one may very well even find better results that I have had over the many many years if they were to use the conditioner and/or the Emulsion formula as I am convinced the company that makes the Biotene H-24 has really great products especially regarding this particular product line .

  77. Devon

    Thanks to beauty universe for caring this shampoo. I stopped losing my hair just after 3rd use. Great product!

  78. Normani

    I have used it before and will use it again. It really makes a difference .

  79. Anjelica Thomas

    I got this recommended by a friend. I’ve been losing a lot of hair lately due to my prescriptions and high chlorine levels in my shower water. My hair is now NOT falling out. It feels fuller, healthier and shinier. What’s best is that it is cruelty free. The only downside is that it doesn’t have a feminine floral scent, however the smell is nothing horrid. I will continue to order this product.

  80. Christi J.

    This is my second round of this product and I couldn’t love it more! I even got my super picky M-I-L hooked on it. I was loosing hair like crazy and couldn’t get it to stop and there was no new growth coming it. Now I have so much new growth that I have to use product to tame all of the new short hair coming in. This is one of the very few products that I have ever used that has done what its supposed to. The smell is great also. Not super strong but my hair smells good all day and is super shiny. I will use this product forever!

  81. Ar-mi

    Been using a month, my scalp has never been this healthy. Hair is super soft. Not sure if it’s thicker but I will keep on using.

  82. Patricia

    This is my second order for shampoo and conditioner. I really enjoy using these products and my hair has a better thicker feel.

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