Protect Your Hair From The Sun


Protect Your Hair From The Sun

You might lather on the sunscreen on your skin every time you go outside, but have you ever considered the potential damage to your hair caused by unprotected sun exposure? Like the skin on your face and body, your hair is prone to damage from the sun’s rays and needs special care, especially as spring and summer approach and more of us spend more time outdoors. Whether you want to prevent sun damage or undo some of the damage already caused, the following tips can help keep your hair radiant and shiny even after a long day at the pool or lounging in the sun.

There are several ways to protect your hair from sun damage, including cutting back on how often you wash it. This is because your hair has natural oils that protect it from the sun, and washing it frequently can strip away these oils and leave your hair more vulnerable to UV damage. This strategy works best on normal hair that isn’t excessively oily. If you have very oily hair, you may still need to shampoo every day. In this case, be sure to use an intensive conditioner two to three times a week to help repair any damage and keep your hair shiny and strong. Other ways to protect your hair include wearing a hat when you’re going to be outdoors for extended periods and applying spray-on sunscreen to your part.

A few products to try: We like Jojoba Farms Treatment Conditioner because it’s designed to provide both immediate and cumulative results. This pure and natural conditioner contains keratin protein and panthenol, and continues to improve hair’s texture and the health of your scalp the longer you use it. We also recommend Mill Creek Deep Conditioning Biotin Gel, which contains biotin, cysteine, and elastin and penetrates deep into the hair and scalp to boost the strength of your hair and promote hair growth by replenishing and nurturing your hair.

At Beauty Universe, we carry several haircare products designed to protect your hair from damage or repair existing damage so you can restore your hair’s natural shine and radiancy. This summer, you don’t have to sacrifice fun in the sun for the sake of your hair’s health; instead, choose the right haircare products to shield your hair from UV rays and minimize the effects of sun exposure.